SST - Changelog

Official Releases:

version 0.2.4 (2013 July 30)

  • added get_text action
  • made it clearer that assert_text and assert_text_contains will check the value instead of the text for text field elements.
  • return the result of the condition checked by wait_for and wait_for_and_refresh.
  • start documenting the debian/ubuntu packaging process.
  • requires set_base_url to be called and displaying a suitable error message otherwise.
  • removed HTML results reports.
  • switched to junitxml dependency for XML report generation.
  • skipped tests are now properly included in results.xml.
  • refactored retry_on_stale_element to make a new more generic retry_on_exception.
  • the script directory is not added to sys.path implicitly anymore.
  • sst-test can run all tests, nose is not used nor a dependency anymore.
  • added --concurrency=N command line argument for concurrent testing (a shorter -cN is also provided for convenience)
  • fix temp profile leaks when failing to connect to the firefox extension
  • fix Xvfb lock files leak
  • properly support the testtools test timing protocol (#1197298).

version 0.2.3 (2013 Apr 17)

  • added the save_page_source action.
  • added a parameter to take_screenshot to include a timestamp in the file name
  • expose the SSTTestCase class which is used internally to create test cases
  • start implementing an internal test suite (#1084007)
  • ensure Xvfb is properly killed if sst-run is interrupted (#1084006)
  • protect wait_for from transient failures caused by StaleElementReferenceException (#1084008)
  • include test class full name in test ids for SSTScriptTestCase (#1087606)
  • add support for xfvb to SSTTestCase (#1084011)
  • removed junitxml package dependency for junit-style xml output
  • in xml report mode, progress is printed to stdout during test run
  • added get_window_size action
  • added set_window_size action
  • added testtools dependency
  • command-line test names may use glob patterns for discovery
  • added --collect-only option to sst-run command line
  • removed Browsermob proxy integration
  • removed start and stop actions
  • added hookable browser

version 0.2.2 (2012 Nov 4)

  • added wait_for_and_refresh action
  • set_dropdown_value can set text or value now
  • added add_cleanup action
  • made internal tests compatible with Django 1.4
  • added config.cache, a per test cache (dictionary) cleared at the start of every test
  • added --extended-tracebacks command line option
  • added get_cookies and clear_cookies actions
  • added execute_script action
  • added get_element_source action
  • removed PyVirtualDisplay dependency; replaced with lightweight Xvfb wrapper

version 0.2.1 (2012 Apr 22)

  • handle file: based urls (static, non-http)
  • added assert_equal and assert_not_equal actions
  • added refresh action
  • with debug on, current exception is printed before entering pdb

version 0.2.0 (2012 Feb 26)

  • wait_for displays tracebacks
  • screenshots not taken on skipped test
  • test runner stops cleanly on keyboard interrupt
  • Firefox set as default browser in sst.config for interactive use
  • new text_regex parameter for filtering get_element / get_elements result sets
  • new Actions:
  • assert_attribute
  • assert_css_property
  • assert_table_row_contains_text
  • assert_table_headers
  • assert_table_has_rows actions
  • go_back
  • new command line options:
  • --with-flags=WITH_FLAGS
  • --disable-flag-skips
  • performance tracing (har recording) using Browsermob proxy. enabled with command line option:
  • --browsermob=

version 0.1.0 (2012 Jan 01)